Finding Easter Eggs

15 April, 2017

There are 10 Easter Eggs among the Pandas, can you find them all? Download this colouring sheet for FREE: Read more

The Diary Of Panda And Polar Bear 2015 DIY Bookmarks

22 September, 2015

Wait no more… Download the bears and the cat bookmarks now! Enjoy! :3 Read more



15 July, 2015

Today’s comic comes with a free printable colouring sheet! We challenge you to do this with spiritual relaxation! Read more

Black and white DIY mugs-right

Panda, Polar Bear and friends DIY Mug!

1 July, 2013

DIY Panda, Polar Bear and friends mug! Read more

Panda made of corks!

Corky Panda!

7 May, 2013

Panda’s little afternoon DIY project with corks 🙂 Never known a cork can be so cute! Read more


18 December, 2012

Hey… Thought I’d send some fuzzy little friends over and make sure that you have a Beary Christmas & Happy New Bears! 😉 Just Download, Print, and Cut! It’s so easy even a bear can do it 🙂 You’ll need: A printer & an A4 printing Paper (any kind would do!)… Read more