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Tattoo Design

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Tattoo Design

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Thinking about getting a Panda and Polar Bear tattoo? Be proud because you’re in the right place! When you’re getting a tattoo, you’re not just purchasing the tattoo artist’s service, you’re also paying for the right to use the design for your personal tattoo. As many artists, we’re also very happy to see our own art on someone else’s skin, so here’s how we can help you make it happen:

Use a Ready-Made Design

If you want to use one of our illustrations for your tattoo, please tell us its title (or description) when you place the order, after that you’ll get an email from us, stating that you have the right to use the chosen illustration for your personal tattoo.

Personalise a Ready-Made Design

If you wish to personalise one of our illustration for your tattoo, please tell us its title and the way you wish to personalise it, you’ll get a confirmation from us and we’ll make the changes until you’re satisfy with the design.

Should you need any assistance like a personal confirmation with your Tattoo artist, we’ll be happy to do so.

How to use your License

After we received your order (or after personalisation), we’ll send you an email with the license stating that you have the permission to use the certain design for your tattoo, you can then show it to your tattoo artist.